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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

My husband and I don't celebrate Christmas. We celebrate Jesus' birth during the Biblical feast of Tabernacles. Growing up my parents never did Santa because my mother was so upset when she found out he wasn't real and that her parents had lied to her that she didn't want to do that to her kids. I can't really understand outright lying to your child. I don't really judge parents who do Santa and tooth fairy and all that, I understand the magic for kids, but I just don't think I could tell my child things that weren't true. We were always told though that we weren't allowed to say anything to other kids about it and we were pretty good at it. Until a friend of mine kept bugging me about it and bugging me and when I said what I believed she told her mom and her mom yelled at me.
This is off topic, but my husband and I gave up Christmas when we did research and found that Jesus was not the reason for the season and most of the holiday traditions have not so Christian origins. We just didn't feel comfortable doing them anymore. We visit family and stuff, but we don't do anything in our own home.

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