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Originally Posted by knibert
OH no the CT pg induced? sorry
Yeah, pg induced and usually last through the post partum period. With E it wasnt bad, but with C I also got trigger finger in my thumb and i would lock. FX that doesnt happen or knitting will suck.

Originally Posted by knibert
he cooperated

when I tried it on him I thought for sure it would be too small but it fits DH great. Maybe even a bit long, so thats a relief.
Great hat!!! Your DS is a cutie!!

Originally Posted by Scaethach

It's perfect!

I haven't ordered through Catnip yet, Dharma carries some of the same yarns and since I order dye stuff through them, I can tack on some yarns as well. Sometimes W2D4 also. Right now I have an order in through Elitespun, which does high twist yarns and is believed to be the source for MadTosh (I just ordered a sampler of some of their yarns and fiber).

We love Pho here. It's one of the things we like to do with DH's brother and his wife when we get together in Portland. Love sriracha too, I load it up in my PW sesame noodles when I make those

For kidney stones, that's why I'm so worried. I had them with both prior pregnancies, but with Pixie it started labor for me and I was hospitalized for a while and put on procardia. I'm prone to kidney infections too, and those are more dangerous for me, but more curable and less likely to effect the baby. Just nervous.

I can't wait to see what you do with your drop spindle. Maybe changing up from the LS will help your CT some

FX that pain goes away and you have a healthy pg. Prayers and good thoughts your way! .

So excited about the drop spindle...DH said if I get good, I can have my wheel this spring. I'll still ship off my wonderland to you cuz I don't want to mess that pretty up.

Originally Posted by msuk2girl
Brianna potty update!!! We haven't had an accident in probably 4 days. We were out for much of the day yesterday, and she told me all 3 times she had to go. Even once we had to wait for the bathroom and she was able to wait.

So proud of her.
yay! You can totally do the diaper destash now! Go B!!!

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn

10 more minutes! It's smelling like apples and cinnamon in here!

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches
I have knitted and unknotted these pockets to the point I hate them.

Anybody doing the watercourse.

Do the pockets 2aat and run a lifeline to help keep track of your decrease rows.
Your mods are scaring me. If I follow your directions, I should be fine...but can't believe the pattern has so much errors! Glad you got it figured out despite the frogging.

Originally Posted by OrangeBananas
That is exactly what I did

I am trying to simplify my life, and donate/get rid of about half of the stuff that is in this house. We have so much random useless stuff that it is just overwhelming to look at. I'm working on my bedroom and master closet today.
We were going to hold stuff for a garage sale, but think we should just donate. We dont have a garage and have use my ILs...and I'd rather eat the lost $$ than spend a whole day with them.

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anyone shorting out computers or phones with drool!
OMG..I need!
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