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Re: Annoyed at church member regarding her statement to me on BFing....Advice?

I'm sorry someone treated you like that. Having grown up in church, I have experienced these kinds of things a few times. Don't get me wrong, I love the body of believers, and have wonderful relationships and don't know where I would be without the church, BUT there are some people who really struggle with being judgmental and some who honestly feel they are helping others by pushing their own feelings on others under the guise of "advice".
Obviously you have done nothing wrong, nursing is perfectly acceptable in the sanctuary. However, I don't think suddenly nursing without a blanket or cover is really the right thing to do. I think the most Christ-like choice is to continue to use a blanket or a cover and to nurse when you need to. The lady obviously has issues. But be the bigger person and respond in a loving way. If she confronts you again, I would maybe ask advice of another woman in the church (older motherly type?) or go to the pastor. But do so in a humble way, not trying to throw the lady under the bus, but just asking advice on how to deal with confrontation.

One of the reasons I think it is is so important to handle this correctly is that I know how easy it is to become bitter against another believer and that would hurt you more than anyone else. So my advice (though I realize it is difficult) is to choose to forgive her.

FTR, I love my nursing cover. I'm always perplexed about the comments people make about them though. I don't wear a cover to make it less obvious that I am nursing. I wear it to cover my nipples! I don't care if people know I am nursing, but I would prefer no chance of even a mini-flash.
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