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Re: So frustrated with trainers - Help me get out of sposies!

when you say "holds a full acident" you mean like he can pee in it and then continue playing .... or like ...on his way "oops"....cause ...and I say this not trying to mess with your system .... I found that a lot of trainers really did hold a full accident but then they wicked (usually out the legs)...cause to get enough absorbancy they were pretty much the same "thickness" as a diaper ....and trust me...I PT'd my Emma for a good part of a year or you said...the stubborn way.

We really like the ones from no babies allowed on HC (not sure if she is open right now or not - but a lot of times you can message her and she will do some for you.) BUT they only have the PUL in the middle - so they will eventually wick. She made them with adjustments for leg opening and rise no problem.

Have you tried something like a underwoolie - I am not a wool expert or anything but those seem interesting...Like in my mind I would think you could use a fairly good absorbent trainer and throw on an underwoolie (so it won't get on clothes)...of course 2 things to pull up and down... he in daycare? are they helping with training? I know around here most daycares say they can get them trained really quickly if you work together...I mean they (daycare) do have the kids for a GOOD stretch of time...and usually the potties are very convenient Emma was always very happy to go in "foreign" potties much better than at home...I always said she was potty trained for public but not for home
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