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I need help asap!

I am a member of a website for which there is no address or telephone number listed. They do not allow any phone contact, it seems, (they used to) and their online service has declined from what it used to be.

If it is okay, I will name this site (if a moderator can weigh in here it would be great). It is a very well known site (in their field) with thousands of members.

Since I don't know if it is okay, I will just say what bugs me.

On this site you can draw up maps and then print them. It is not like googlemaps where you ask for directions from two points. You go into the map and hand draw a route that you like. It will print out the map, break the map up in different pieces and give very good cue notes.

Lately, I cannot get it printed in the detailed way I explained above. I keep trying to and it keeps just giving me the overview of the map without any cue notes. I have contacted them via e-mail, no response unless I ask about how to go about upgrading my membership! So, they do get my mails, I just don't get feedback on my problem. I have posted my concerns on their facebook page only to get generic answers that do not address the problem at all. It is something like: Sorry you have trouble. We have fixed the problems, please try to print your maps again!

I specifically asked if their is someone I can contact on the phone or per e-mail so that I can have more specific feedback. No-one addressed that request.

BBB wants an address in order to fail a complaint. Like their number, I can't find an address.

So, here is my request:
1) How can I find out the physical address and telephone number behind a company like that if I need to. Surely it must be listed SOMEWHERE.
2) Does anyone know of a mapping program like the one I mentioned that works well.

Thanks in advance!
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