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Over the weekend we were at a wedding and I started chatting with a very nice couple who were expecting their first baby. We had the usual due date and morning sickness discussions, then they mentioned being unhappy with their OB. I got on my little soap box about loving my midwives, and said that for healthy moms with healthy babies midwives are a wonderful option. they said they knew nothing about midwifery, so I explained that for births that don't require a lot of medical intervention they are fabulous, and if you go to a hospital there are still obs to help in an emergency. A little while later the father told me that their baby had Edwards syndrome and would most likely not be born living. I felt like such a jerk for preaching about midwives, but now I'm wondering if it would still be an option? They were very interested in the idea of a midwife, and I wonder if a midwife would be a more gentle, caring person to be present for a still birth? Their complaint with their OB was that she seemed totally unconcerned and unsympathetic that their first child was so seriously ill. I recommended switching doctors, but now I wonder if another doc is the best option.

Would Midwives even be able to take this family on as patients? the mom was very sweet and she deserves a peaceful birth.

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