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Re: How many gifts?

We get gifts for our own children, our parents, and each other (DH and I). No nieces and nephews, siblings, cousins, friends, etc. We asked years ago to tame the Christmas Gift Monster and not exchange gifts with extended family. They did not love it, but agreed.

We give our kids 3 gifts, just like Jesus traditionally received, since it is His birthday party after all . We don't have a set dollar amount, but usually do one large ($50-75ish), one medium ($25-50), and one small gift ($0-10). The small gift is always a personalized tree ornament (my parents did this with me growing up and when I moved to my own home, I had a large lovely collection for my tree).

For the first time this year we are also doing chocolate oranges in the stockings. Nothing else in there.

The gifts for our parents are always a grandchild calendar and something homemade from the kids (this year is beeswax pinecone firestarters).

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