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Re: Sleeping problems with Extended BFing

Are you co sleeping? When I co slept with DS #3, I guess my moving around at night woke him up and he would want to nurse. When I put him to sleep in the crib at night, he would sleep through the night. Could also be since she doesn't eat a lot of solids due to her having no teeth.
Of course your supply will be affected by you nursing less, but I stopped pumping at 12 mos with DS #2 and still nursed him until 23 mos. So you will still produce as long as you keep nursing.
I BF DS #2 until 23 mos. We would go to toddler classes and he would lie on my lap at circle time and want to nurse :P Maybe keep it up until she starts eating more solids? And occasionally, as they get older, they outgrow some allergies.

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