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Originally Posted by AniMommy
4 months is a hard time. I feel your pain.

I think it's too young to start serious sleep training routines. But at that age I started putting LO down and letting her fuss for a few minutes (like 2) to see if she could self soothe and go to sleep on her own. I did it only in the day time and I think it did work to train her to settle herself.

I seem to remember at 4 months, the LO was waking up at about 10 pm for night time hijinks as well.

Are you swaddling? It really helped my LO get back to sleep after eating.
Weissbluth and Ferber both agree with the age thing, as I remember. 4 is at the young starting range depending on baby's temperament. The brain chemistry necessary for regulating alertness/sleep cycles matures between 4-6 months, and before that babies are dependent on caretakers to set the rhythm and do the soothing.
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