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Re: How many gifts?

We do dollar amount, though I have budgeted a lot more for this year than last and am doing swagbucks to hopefully not spend anything for at least DH's brothers and SIL. We are keeping DD's christmas fairly cheap (I'm thinking probably $125 max?) and DH and I don't want much, and family will get gifts between 20-30 each (there are only 9 gifts for them between our two families and if swagbucks takes care of 5 of them, plus I already have one gift for DH's mom, then that's just 3.5 gifts to go )

I have planned this pretty carefully though, and I am a huuuuge bargain shopper. I am debating back and forth about buying vs making a play kitchen for DD (I want it to be wood/heirloom quality) so if we make it, her amount will go back down to $80 or so.
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