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Re: Men that try to push sports on kids... what do you do?

Would you feel bad reselling and putting it in the kids savings? Or getting them something they'll enjoy?

We don't do any character merchandise or advertising to kids. Most of our family respects that (or they just know I'll stop at goodwill on our way home, and they don't want to waste money). But our kids do still get toys or clothes from family that go against our ethics now and then. We get rid of them and it really sucks to know that they spent their money on something that the kids won't get to enjoy. I hate that they spend their money that way, but PP is right, it's their money to spend. They know we don't keep the merchandise and there's not much else I can do. They are going to gift the way they choose, and I'm going to do what's right for our family. I do try to return it or resell and get something the kids CAN use, but it's not always worth it, so sometimes it goes to goodwill.
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