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Re: anxiety over your childs health

I checked yes; When I was pregnant I was convinced something was horribly wrong. I was right my son was born with 2 genetic syndromes that none of the prenatal tests picked up. Also since I had to see an RE to get pregnant I went through a ton of tests before pregnancy and no test ever picked up the genetic translocation I carry.

During his NICU stay and for the first year of his life I always dreaded and expected the worst. Sometimes the worst happened sometimes it didn't. The fear certainly shaped a lot of the medical decisions I made for him that first year. I do wonder sometimes now that I have mellowed out if the new me would have made the same decisions assuming I knew only what I knew at the point of making the decision (hopefully that made sense).

Now I am more relaxed and I don't go to the extreme suspicions anymore. I do think it helps that I know how to read my child better then I did as a new mom. We still sometimes face bad scenarios but my mind is no longer dreaming up bad scenarios on its own anymore.
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