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Originally Posted by dissidentdad
I retract my last statement on this thread. I find lying to your kids is fine. Ultimately as parents our job is to prepare our children to go out into the world. Telling them what we want because it is to frustrating to learn the whole truth ourselves and in order to protect them from the inevitable truths of the world sets them up for success as adults who will have to accept the same answers from our clergy, politicians and the media. If we told them the truth then they would expect that and demand that from society. It's better to make a person's life easy rather than true.
I appreciate a different perspective on the topic! And I see what you're saying. But I totally disagree. I think the change that needs to happen in society isn't going to start anywhere other then in homes. I expect more out of myself and my kids than I do from "people in general" and I want my kids to do the same. I want my kids to have a vision and expectation of seeing integrity in people. Sometimes they will be disappointed, but sometimes it will cause people to rise to the expectation. Either way, I don't think it will damage them to believe that people are capable of more.
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