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Re: Neck gunk! Help!

In addition to breast milk, it's also skin cells and debris that accumulate and then causes a gritty irritatation causing the redness (maceration) when baby moves. It usually doesn't get so bad as to be "yeasty beasties," but can bleed if the skin rubs enough. The stink is the worst, isn't it! It's so hard to keep dry in the folds. My little guy used to get it at the neck line and at the back of his knees. Keeping it clean and dry is the absolute best. You just want to eliminate the gunk and grittiness and the redness will resolve by itself. Just putting a burp cloth in between the neck fold for a few seconds after a bath will help absorb extra moisture. You can try fanning it dry while holding under the jaw to hold the head up. If it doesn't resolve with this, you can try OTC remedies: gentian violet (for yeast and antiseptic) or a bit of bacitracin (especially if it bleeds). Gentian violet is purple and does stain. A little goes a long way, but it also helps keep the area dry and yeasty-free. You can find it in the pharmacy area with first aid supplies. You may need to ask a pharmacist to order it if it's something they don't keep on hand. Best of luck!
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