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Re: So frustrated with trainers - Help me get out of sposies!

Wow thanks for the suggestions and the support!

I like the look of the Simply Baby, but I wish I could see more of the features (i.e. where the PUL zone is). It also appears there isn't a size for him. But I'll research further.

Daycare puts him on the potty every 45 minutes. They're awesome, and go along with whatever diaper system I've got going on at the time. She really liked the Best Bottoms, it's too bad that idea was so badly executed.

We deal with wet whatever as soon as we know about it. But he is entering a "No don't change me" stage, where he HATES to stop what he's doing. He used to hate to be wet, now he doesn't care.

Honestly I'm hoping that the month in pull-ups will get him used to feeling dry, so when we go back to cloth he'll once again hate feeling wet.

So anyway ... no, I don't want him hanging out in wet drawers for a long time. Daycare he gets checked at least every 45 minutes, and at home it's about every hour unless we know he's wet. I just don't want there to be an immediate puddle.

Looks like No Babies Allowed is closed, but they use the Little Comet Tails pattern, so I could look at others who use that pattern.
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