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Anyone hate Alva DG/Minky but like the regular PUL version

So I just ordered a bunch of Alva DG and 1 Alva Minky... I can't believe how much I hate them. They are horribly bulky on my LO and the waist gapes unless it is on the smallest setting and then it seems way too tight on him.

I'm wondering if it is even worth it to try the regular Alvas... how different is the fit?

I am currently using flips with capri inserts and while I really like that combo... I want some pockets so I can have all my diapers ready to go without having to constantly be reloading in between laundry sessions... Maybe I should just get some BG 4.0s - I'm assuming if I like flips I will like these too... I was just hoping for a cheaper option!
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