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Re: Do you do the circus?

Originally Posted by badmisterkitty View Post
We go to the circus. I have always gotten free tickets through work so it's a cheap family outing for us if we don't buy the overpriced food or toys. If I didn't get free tickets, there's no way we would go. There are tiger, elephant and dog acts, but the rest is people acts. I don't care for the tiger act. I just keep waiting for one of those tigers to finally get fed up and bite the head off the "trainer." I don't consider a dog show to be cruel, though I don't know the behind-the-scenes story. And I don't know enough about elephants to say anything about that.

If we're being totally honest and forgive my heartlessness on this's not that I don't care about animals, but I'm not even remotely interested in animal rights. I don't follow any animal rights groups, I don't have an interest in owning a pet, and at the end of the day there's just not enough time to look into everything out there. If I'm going to support a 'cause,' it's going to be a cause for humans.
Actually you are more likely to see an Elephant lose it. They are far to smart, have very complex emotions, tight group bonding and the highest chance of snapping from sheer stress. Even if you don't like animals it is very well proven the intelligence and emotions they have. But even if you hate them, when they lose it, people die and get hurt and it isn't always the trainers. Watch a few rampaging elephants at circus videos and you will never let your kid near an elephant with a tiny ankle chain again. I seriously have gone out of my way to avoid them because if they snap, I don't want my kid any where near them.
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