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Re: Flat Rate Box Lotto

We used to have cloth diapers but recently sold them all and paid my midwife with the money. (we sold almost everything we own to pay for this birth). We leave our family size/spacing up to God.

1)This is our 5th boy!
2)Mostly need diapers for my 18m old (med/large)but some for the baby coming would be nice too.
3) large
4) I like AIOs the best but will take anything! OS would be nice too since it would fit Josiah and the new baby

We have been praying for diapers and I know the Lord provides! We literally have 3 sposie swim diapers and 2 small fitteds that I have been squeezing on my 18 month old! Oh and 1 Gerber pull on cover.

PS I like the name Joshua!!
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