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Great steps with DH and the house

6 months ago MIL passed away unexpectedly. DH took it hard. We didn't have much time to clean out her apt, but it all came to our house. It's all been in the garage and my laundry room since then. He had asked me not to get rid of anything until he'd had a chance to go through it for closure. It's been bothering me constantly having all this stuff but I realized it was far too emotional to push him. This weekend we finally took the couch to Goodwill, along with a few trash bags of stuff we cleaned out. There's still lots of stuff, but it's a great start. Feel so relieved. We even had another conversation about how he likes the house minimalistic style, bare walls, clean lines, no clutter. I got everything out of the kitchen and he commented how much bigger it looks with full bare countertops. We've priced out closet organizer systems, he's on board with redoing our closet, the girls, and the playroom closet.

It really makes me feel like the last 6 months I've spent cleaning out isn't wasted!

There's still so much left to do. But I had a few friends over this morning, and it was so nice to wake up and not have piles and piles of stuff EVERYWHERE to clean up, just a few odds and ends and a quick vacuum. There is light at the end!
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