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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

In my house growing up, Santa only did small gifts that fit in the stocking: some nuts and fruit, chocolate, candy, a few little toys. That is how we have always done it for our boys, with the addition of a tooth brush and toothpaste . We also celebrate 3 Kings Day the same way except with a shoe. It works really well when pockets are lean. My DH's family doesn't do Santa. When I asked his mom why, she said it was to much hassle to do on top of everything else and they could never afford to do it most years anyways, but they often didn't celebrate Christmas at all, not even a dinner, especially when the kids got older. It just wasn't important when things were busy. My friend doesn't do Santa because she does 3 Kings Day instead, which has more meaning to her family. Most people I know who don't do Santa, say it's because of religious views.
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