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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

We are, but not the same way as most. We came to this school of thought after a bout of infertility and treatment and losing three children. Then we adopted one, and are now fostering. We feel like God sends babies in other ways other than our own biology. He grafts them into our families. So, we will foster knowing we may just be a resting place for these babies on their way to where they will be, and they may just be sent by God to be part of our family. Of course, we are also open to private adoption again, but do not actively look for it. If it comes to us, we will praise him for selecting us for that situation.

Out of my teens, one of my sons is the same, and that is all. It breaks my heart. My oldest only wants two and my daughter isn't sure she wants any. I just pray they have a change of heart.
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