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Re: Neck gunk! Help!

My DD has the same situation, very deep neck folds. I have used cornstartch and have been told that baby powder or Monkey Butt powder works well also. The Ped says it is best to try and keep it as clean as possible and make sure it is dry as often as possible. It is the moisture that accumulates with sweat, spit-up, breast milk, and dead skin cells/debris that make the gunk. We clean it all.the.time also and just try to wipe it out wheneer we diap change (sometimes with just a dry cloth and sometimes with a wet cloth and adding cornstartch/powder). Just be careful that it doesn't go unattended (although it seems like you are checking it regularly), and gets any sort of bacterial infection because then adding cornstartch is like adding food for the bacteria. I hear it clears up pretty quick (let's hope!) as they grow in length and stop being such chunky little monkeys.
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