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Re: Parenting style: Raising a person

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
this completely.

especially the bolded

there are a lot of things that very educated people on this board indicate that they do, but I disagree with for what I believe are very good reasons.

we won't all come to the same conclusions. I'm a scientist by degree, but I know that people always have a bias. Even if that bias is to simply find a way to reject an idea that they think is too mainstream.
Yes, to the bolded. I have found that I have this tendency, and I have to constantly recheck myself to make sure I'm not just seeking out specific information to support my tendency to reject the mainstream. There are studies to support everything, so it's easy to say "I researched" without trying to eliminate my bias. It's important to read all of the information, and read the "offbeat" information with as much criticism as I would the mainstream.

I don't think my tendency is uncommon.

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