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I just need support.

I decided to stop nursing my son yesterday. He is a day short of 22 months. I nursed his older brother for 25 months. I have been contemplating weaning for a couple of months because I am not producing much, it takes a bit of suckling before I feel any let down, it has become a bit painful and my little guy is an aggressive toddler who twists and turns while nursing. Basically I wasn't enjoying the time anymore. And he has been waking at 4AM religiously for a feeding, which I have not been able to curb.
Anyhow, yesterday I felt ready, went cold turkey upon waking, and told him "I'm sorry, mama's milk is all gone." Last night was rough getting to him to sleep, but my DH helped.
This morning, driving to work, I had a complete break down and sobbed, sobbed, sobbed. Maybe I am not emotionally ready for this. My DS really isn't taking it as hard as I am, as he has been drinking plenty of goat's milk in cups these past few months. I even cried at work, it took me at least 20 minutes to recover. I don't know why I'm taking it so hard, I don't think I was this way with my older son. I'm just so sad.
Please let me know it'll be okay, we've gone 36+ hours, I don't think I want to turn back.
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