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Re: Teach me about cats

i have 5 cats & my rule of thumb is dont cheap out on the litter or food.
we feed them Iams. although it isnt the best, it is the only one all 5 agree to eat without contemplating killing us in our sleep.

We use Max Cat [max scoop?] or Arm & Hammer litter. we pay roughly $8-$12 on litter & $15 on food every two weeks.
Some people think im nutso for not just going cheap but i can notice a huge difference in smell, ease of cleaning and the amount of cleaning i do in the litter boxes if we go cheapo.

i should probably add, i also have 2 ferrets who have their own littler box and a steady supply of Iams in their cage so we do go through a lot.
we're a 2 mama household on the journey of TTC'ing which will then be followed by fostering.
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