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Re: Parenting style: Raising a person

Disabled is not the correct word, I use it because it is commonly considered a synonym of handicap when used to describe a persons physical abilities. But someone who has four out of five senses is handicap, they may overcome this handicap but it does not mean that the condition of the person is any different. If a boxer fights another fighter who is at a heavier weight he is at a handicap.

When it comes to religion there is a far cry between educating and brainwashing. Not teaching a child about religion is not brainwashing a child to be nonreligious. If someone were to make a child repeat over and over again God is fake in a group of their peers and then gave them a reward after successfully completing the action that would be brainwashing. Brainwashing refers to the attempt to instill an idea based on repetition rather than through reason. Without understanding sin, which means you know what constitutes a sin and why the actions that are considered a sin are wrong, you can not "believe" that someone died to forgive and absolve you for your sins. A toddler does not understand sin. They can say the word but they do not understand the concept. Since this is the basis for Jesus' love for a toddler to say "Jesus loves you" suggests that they understand these things. The same can be said for adults who can pick out verses to use as arguments but do not know the verse before and after. This is caused by being brainwashed rather than educated. The people of Iran believe that the Holocaust did not happen, or at least that the numbers of people killed were in the hundreds of thousands rather than the millions. They in turn "educate" their children on the subject. That does not mean they are not wrong.
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