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Re: Thinking of getting DD evaluated for ADHD.

My son has been evaluated for aspergers twice and ADHD last year. He doesn't quite meet any diagnosis. The teachers always recommended evals for him. We didn't medicate since he didn't have any severe symptoms but he was struggling enough that we did change some things. Breakfast seemed to be the only meal of the day where he'd eat a lot so we started making power smoothies. We got rid of artificial favors and dyes at home. And we had to do some extra learning at home for math and reading that taught in a different format than he got at school.

He's in 2nd grade and this is the first year we got a glowing report. He came home one day all proud because his teacher changed their seating around and he is supposed to help the other kids pay attention. Last year he sat o a wiggle seat at s hook, which did help.

He still has some attention issues and socialization issues so we will have to stay pretty dedicated to keeping his diet balanced and making sure the tutoring at home is working nut he is making progress.

I would have her evaluated. They can give you some ideas on what approaches will help with your problem behaviors. Good luck!
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