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Originally Posted by NappyChappy
DS is having to wear the monitoring vest because of a possible Long QT. They definitely diagnosed the BAV today with the ECHO but the vest should tell us more. I just want results asap so we can deal with whatever it is or put it in the past. I have the down time because my mind goes to the worst places.

Is your DD have flow issues from her BAV? They told us he won't be restricted of any activity and it shouldn't cause issues until he's older and the valve has calcium build-up. But my friend who is a dr. told me to be leary of major bacterial infections because bacteria likes to live on malformed valves...
Yes she has flow issues(regurgitation). They didn't start until she was over 7, probably around 9.

I wouldn't listen too much to your friend unless he is a cardiologist. If a valve has an infection yes it is bad, but chances are very low for it to get an infection. I don't see how a misformed valve would attract bacteria more than anything else. In a bicuspid valve it is usually caused by 2 flaps fusing, not really any different then webbed toes.

You do not need to give antibiotics before dentist work either, they changed that recommendation a few years ago.

Fwiw my dd with the bicuspid valve is my kid who gets sick the least. We do not do vax's either. Her immune system is already lower due to her body having to work harder to pump her blood. Giving vaxes would make her more likely to catch something since it would lower her immune system more.

My dd was not in restricted activities until the chest pains started. The flow issues started 2 years after the chest pains, right around when the chest pains stopped.
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