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Re: QUICK: lethargic and fever of 102.7 in a two-year-old, scary or normal?

I would give meds since it was 102.7 under the arm. The fever is probably what is causing him to feel so tired and lethargic. He sounds like a normal sick kid to me though. If the fever persisted through tomorrow, I'd call on Wed. However, obviously, if there are other more concerning symptoms, I'd call sooner. It's a judgement call. You have to trust that mom instinct. Sometimes I call sooner than others just because I feel like something more is going on, like strep throat (unlikely in a 2.5 year old with no older siblings) and I'm always right.

I hope he feels better soon.

Oh and I notice you are due soon. I'm due any day now and my kids were sick the end of last week and hubby was over the weekend. Doesn't it just figure. When you are so big and about to give birth, you are exposed to germs and have to worry about possibly bringing a newborn home to it too. Of course, we had nothing the entire rest of my pregnancy till now. Murphy's Law is always present in my life.
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