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Originally Posted by kaylajo88 View Post
We start our home study on Wednesday, it was supposed to be last sunday but our worker was sick. Thats about all for now!
yay for progress!

Originally Posted by sparkly_vagabond View Post
Oh! Our internet keeps dropping my like a hot potato! I'll try an update one more time... sorry if it eventually shows up more than once!

We have been waiting nearly 5 months for our referral and I think I might be going mad! The wait is so tough. I have picked up extra hours at the school, have been working at the PO, have been working on opening an etsy shop, and we are working on a wordpress site to hold our adoption auction fundraiser. I have no time and am so busy... I have no idea how I can still think about this adoption constantly. I am so unfocused! Any ideas on how to make the wait easier for awhile?

I mentioned we are working on a wordpress site for the auction... I just added the last item a few hours ago. Item #90!! We are going to share the link Wednesday morning and the bidding will close Saturday night. Any of you want to donate? I'd be happy to repay/trade you with an item from our etsy shop for anyone doing an auction too... or just for the heck of it. The shop should be open tomorrow or Tuesday! YAY! If you are interested PM me we have a fb event page for it and I can share the link with you.

Loved reading everyone's updates and seeing some new faces!
waiting is so hard! fingers crossed it will happen soon for you. love your blog!

Originally Posted by WynneBabies View Post
So interesting how things can quickly change. Our unknown dad has changed to one of many but one in particular is soon going to be tested and his mom is interested in dfd if he is the dad. That's a lot of ifs about the situation, but instead this is now going to take awhile so it looks more like she'll go to a dad or a dad's relative or be adopted by us when this is over with. If they were moving faster, I think they'd be looking at out of state siblings, but since it's not, I don't think (never say never, of course) they will. If anything, this will drag on for awhile unless this potential dad hurries on the test, is the dad and his mom can pass the homestudy.
so how are you feeling about the new potential BD situation? are you bonding to baby and hoping that it will go to adoption?

we are having a very hard time bonding with our dfs. he is a really hard baby. i really, really hope dfs is RU eventually. I do not want to be faced with the question of adopting him because at this point i don't think we could. he is very needy and it is hard to get anything accomplished unless i put him down and then he screams. sonic wail style. sometimes he's not even crying, he's just screaming for no reason. he did this today, i think there was a half hour where i wasn't holding him and he wasn't screaming. he screams whenever he sees food or drink even if he just ate. he screams for the next bite when he hasn't even swallowed yet. he barfs a lot, even on reflux meds. its better now that i can make sure he dosen't eat or drink a ton at once, and it really makes him wail when i can tell he's had enough and i have to stop him. i am looking forward to his 1 year check up next week to see what the pedi has to say about this. he doesn't get any dairy soy or beef, pretty much just chicken, turkey, pasta and rice and whatever veggies and fruits i can sneak in. its so hard. i want to love him. he is so cute and occasionally is very sweet. we just had a hard day today.
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