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I was born with a BAV. It lasted until I was 30. It also caused an aneurysm on my ascending sorta from the pressure needed o pump blood out of the left ventricle. I had to have open heart surgery to have the aortic valve replaced and the aneurysm grafted. I had to stay 7 days in the hospital post surgery.

Some valve replacements can be done minimally invasive or percutaneously but not all. It depends on the circumstances a well as the particular valve. I also chose a human valve because I wanted to have more kids. It does only have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. I will get a mechanical valve when this one wears out. I am 8 years in and still going strong. I have had 4 kids and preg with #5 since my replacement. I take a low dose aspirin daily and that is it.

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