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My ydd is 14 months and eats at midnight, 2am, 4 or 5am, and again at 7 am. A good night is eating at midnight and then at 4 and 8. Lol

She also eats whenever I let her during the day (or whenever she can climb on my lap). If I'm not home or she doesn't see me (aka DH has her downstairs and I'm upstairs) she'll go all day without eating but when I'm around its every 3-4 hrs max.

She is very low weight wise and currently doing allergy elimination testing so I don't feel I should cut back even though it means I can't eat any of the foods she is eliminating.

Just wanted to let you know your not alone with the not sleeping through the night and got derailed She sleeps on her crib from 9-12 and then cop sleeps the rest of the night.
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