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Originally Posted by Christylkeller
I am feeling better. These are just episodes, so they come and go. I actually am going to send my hubby to the rescue squad and get a BP machine and check me again tonight. I am not feeling my heart racing, so I want to see what the rate is along with the BP when I am not having an episode. I am frustrated that neither one would see me!! It is so ridiculous.
That is so ridiculous! Did you tell your PCP that the OB said they should see you? Crazy drs. I hope these episodes pass as something uneventful.

QOTW: Not craving any one thing, but hot apple cider and Cheeto Puffs have been a yummy treat this last week!

AFM: Heartburn is in full swing these days. Tums Smoothies have become my new bff. Both of my children have been born with heads full of hair, but I don't recall the heartburn being this bad ever. Curious to see if this little one has a head full too! I'm not quite sure I'd know what to do with a bald baby. One more week until our u/s!

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