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Re: 8 mth old vomiting, wwyd?

Originally Posted by solarbabies View Post
I am so conflicted. He said the heavy syrup would help calm his tummy...the sugar would help.

And is water the same for babies as it is for bigger kids? I mean, he never has just water...would it mess with his electrolyte balance and such?
Well, I guess I can see that then. For the older girls I give them flat Coke b/c of the calms their stomach, but it has to be Coke not Pepsi. I just wouldn't give it to a baby. When mine were babies (under a year old) I never gave them anything to calm their stomach.

No, it will help so he doesn't dehydrate. If you were nursing I would just recommend that but it is formula, so I wouldn't be giving him a lot as it will upset his tummy until he can handle it. It is a lot thicker.

It seems as though you are "starving" him, but really his body isn't able or ready to digest a lot right now.

Hope he feels better soon! It is no fun to have a sick baby.
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