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Originally Posted by Kmccall08

my problem is i dont know whats anxiety and whats instinct
This is SO important!!!

I knew from the moment my daughter was born that something was not right, we saw tons of specialist, where diagnosed with things, and outgrew diagnosis. Where being monitored and watches for multiple issues with yearly checks. I knew in my gut that something was not right, that there was something going on (and still do to this day) suffered from Dr telling me over and over again that I was over reacting, but my instincts held true. And one month before my dd's 5th bday she was diagnosed with cancer.

Now I'm not saying that ever fear we have as moms is real or true, but I will say that IF your mothering instincts are telling you that something is not right you should exhaust all resources to make sure that your instinct is wrong. Don't settle on a Lazy know it all Dr, or a dr taking the "its such a small chance" my daughters cancer is one in a million pediatric cancers diagnosed!!!!
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