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Re: Where do you shop for your clothes?

It depends on what I want. The best fitting jeans i've ever found are at Maurice's so that's the only place I buy them now ($35 a pair, good quality, and lots of styles always in stock). I love all the clothes at Maurice's though so i'll buy anything from there and they're always having good sales. Basic T-Shirts, Camis, etc. i'll buy at Wal-mart because they're cheap and usually on sale. If I find something cute at Wal-mart that seems good quality such as a dress or sweater i'll buy it (Brands like Faded Glory, No Boundaries, and Op are my usual finds). All other clothes I buy at Factory Connection ('seconds' name brand stuff), Peebles, Forever 21, or any good quality place that is having a sale. DH mostly shops at Wal-mart, Peebles, Factory Connection, and Thrift Stores.
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