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Re: Sleeping problems with Extended BFing

(You said "DS" and "she" so I'm confused...I'm guessing you meant DD so I'm saying "she" too )
It's absolutely nothing to worry about. Like PP said, lots of toddlers are still nursing at night! Obviously you can work on night weaning if you want to, but it's far from necessary (despite what some may tell you, including some peds ). If you don't nightwean, she will eventually sleep through the night on her own, or if she continues to wake up, she won't always need to nurse at night. You will not be waking up 1-2 times per night to nurse your DD when she is 8 yrs old. So don't worry

You would most likely see a drop in supply if you completely nightwean, but since you are well established in nursing on demand during the rest of the day, you should be able to keep your supply up to take care of those sessions.

My DD is almost 18 months and nurses about every 4 hours at night. She is slowly learning to settle back to sleep without nursing, especially if DH goes to her when she wakes at night. There is nothing wrong with letting your DD continue nursing at night as long as you are okay with it, too!
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