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FS - Longies, shorties & soakers

Lots of woolies FS! Most of these are older and have been through both my boys, and some show it, but some are still in great shape. I have described them to the best of my ability and tried to price accordingly, but please feel free to ask questions, request pics, make offers, etc. All knits are either knit by me or other various HC WAHMs (if you care which are which, just ask). Shorties are priced to move since they're out of season and I don't want to wait until spring to sell them

Shorties - top row from left: black RB, blue RB, brown WCW
2nd row from left: Loch Ness, Ponderosa, blue recycled
3rd row: green/brown soaker, turquoise/black soaker

From top left, clockwise: Timber Cruiser longies, Treasure Map longies, recycled star longies, tan/brown shorties


Small/med recycled longies from Batik Bum/Kiya's Naturals. Cute star applique, only worn once but when I washed them the color from something else ran a little onto the natural-colored interlock waistband. $16ppd.
waist 15"
hip 18"
rise 16"
inseam 11"

Small/Medium Treasure Map longies on cestari - slightly pilly, VGUC. $18ppd.
waist 18"
hip 21"
rise 18.5"
inseam 6.5"

Green/brown knit - unknown wool yarn again EUC, barely used. $10ppd
waist 16"
hip 20"
rise 18.5"
thigh 8"

Medium Ponderosa shorties on cestari - camo-style colorway. cute cargo pocket. VGUC. $14ppd
waist 16"
hip 21"
rise 15.5"
inseam 4"

Fine print... smoke-free, pet-friendly home.

SOLD ------------------------------------------------------------

Medium Loch Ness shorties on BFL (blue/green) - VGUC. $15ppd
waist 18"
hip 21"
rise 16.5"
inseam 3-4" (rolled cuff, so depends on how much it's rolled)

Small/Medium Tan/brown C220 shorties - VGUC. $12ppd
waist 16"
hip 19"
rise 18"
inseam 2-2.5" (rolled cuff, so depends on how much it's rolled)

Aristocrat large longies - natural, I honestly don't think these have ever been worn. $25ppd

EUC medium Clover wool pant - side snapping cover with FOE. Loose-fitting and allows nice airflow. $18 16ppd.

Royal Buns medium blue (kind of a light, royal blue color) interlock shorties. Play condition, some staining. $12ppd.

Blue recycled wool shorties - size mediumish (see measurements below), somewhat felted and not very stretchy, medium soft. I got these in a swap and am happy to pass them on free with any other purchase.
waist 16"
hip 20"
rise 17.5"
inseam 3"

Medium brown WCW interlock shorties. Play condition, some staining. Thinner interlock and has the snaps from when she used to make tees that snapped onto the shorties (did I just date myself? LOL). They never bothered my LOs. $12ppd.

Royal Buns medium black interlock shorties. VGUC, nothing visible wrong with them but they are older. $14ppd.

Medium Timber Cruiser longies on cestari - never worn. These are a little short and wide, which does not fit my kids at all LOL. $22ppd.
waist 20"
hip 24"
rise 19"
inseam 9.5"

Turquoise/black knit soaker - I have no idea what kind of yarn it is, but it's wool and medium soft. This is one of the first soakers I ever knit and it has plenty of mistakes, but it is fully functional. I'll send it out free with any other purchase.
waist 18"
hip 21"
rise 20"
thigh 10"
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