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Re: Bestbottom trainers vs Flip trainers

I really, really, really don't like either. Sorry!

Best Bottoms is a fantastic idea, but the legs have no elastic. If you look at the size charts, each one is only "rated" for a quarter inch change in thigh size (for instance, the Medium is rated for a thigh of 14-14.25"). Since there is no elastic, my son (who had 14" thighs and wore the Medium) said they hurt because they pinched at the top of his thigh, and at the same time they gapped in the crotch.

The Best Bottoms inserts do wash better because they aren't as thick, but they also don't absorb as much. I was surprised at how much they held, and we lasted through some important situations with 2 inserts in and a full accident (they aren't made for this but it worked OK).

Our Best Bottoms all fell apart too, within a few days of buying them. The stitching gave way. The side seam is sewn in a way that unravels easily, and has a rough bulky seam right at the top of the leg.

They did pull up and down really well though! Daycare liked them, except they said to not tuck the insert under the flap. The flap does indeed hang down too far for a boy, so the pant doesn't stay clean as much as you would hope.

I love my Flip covers and really wanted to like the Flip trainers but they failed us in the most important areas: Laundry drama and pull-up-and-down-ability. The snaps let go when LO tries to pull them up or down, and the insert gets bunched up or even comes undone. And I just can't stand trying to wash thick cotton jersey inserts.

So I guess it's a matter of what's important to you?

-- Pull up and down: Best Bottoms Win

-- Fit: Flips win, Best Bottoms win for a few kids and fail badly for a lot

-- Washable: Best Bottoms

-- Holds a lot: Flips

-- The Kid really registers that diaper stage is over and these are underpants: Best Bottoms

I honestly wouldn't recommend either, but I also don't have a good recommendation in that price range! (I have a thread out there begging for suggestions though!)
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