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Re: What features do you wish your house had?

Originally Posted by evasimone View Post
More closets, namely a coat closet near the front door. Currently our house has small bedroom closets, one small hallway linen closet and a medium bathroom closet in the master.

Id like a three car garage so DH and I could work on projects out there.

What used to be on my list:
A pantry. We bought several pantry cabinets and although they aren't officially installed I am using them and its fantastic because I can actually keep my counters clear because I can store our food in the pantry rather than the counter.

A bigger laundry room. We stacked our washer and dryer and installed a shelving system. Now we can fit a litterbox and hamper in the laundry room rather than in the kitchen and master bedroom. I think its important to learn how to work with what you have rather than dream of what you can't have. We installed a ironing board holder on the back of the door so the iron and board are stored vertical. We also have a pull out rack on the wall for the broom and mops. I am planning to get a wall holder for plastic grocery bag holder. Our laundry room is tiny but incredibly efficient.
Very much agree and need to constantly remind myself of the bolded!
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