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Originally Posted by Deanie
I have just started looking into freezer meals. As usual, some have been duds and some are keepers. Here are the ones that I really like (along w/ the websites that they came from that have other recipes as well):

1. Sausage and peppers from this page:
Also, I tried the savory chicken and teriyaki chicken from that page also and found them just blah. She does have good ideas for toddler snacks in Part 2 of freezer cooking that I will try some day....

2. Creamy chipotle black bean chicken. To die for! I omit the cream cheese when freezing and add it when thawed and heating up, but that's just a personal preference.

3. Hawaiian chicken sandwiches - I really like this, but DH needs some more "kick" to it. I need to find some kind of spice or something to add... maybe a teriyaki sauce? It's still a keeper - I just need to tweak it.

4. I am going to try beef empanadas and Best Ever Beef Dip Sandwhiches soon. I'm buying the stuff tomorrow, putting the empanadas directly into the freezer but will have the beef sandwhiches this week for dinner and will freeze the rest for when baby comes (any day now....) This site looks really promising!

I haven't gotten to this site yet, but there are some recipes that look promising:

I am just beginning with all of this, and I'm not an experienced cook (learning though). I think you really just have to take it one recipe at a time to see what works for you and what doesn't.
Thank you for these! And thank you for all of your help !
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