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Re: Cloth and circumcision

We did cloth, no problem.

But instead of Vaseline or neosporin, I used half Vaseline, half lanolin, with a fair amount of Herb Pharm Trauma Oil mixed in. Trauma oil has arnica (for bruising and bleeding), calendula (to help skin heal), and hypericum (for pain).

I put a generous amount of that on, and I put a cloth wipe between him and the diaper (because it wouldn't matter much if a wipe repelled in one little spot). I didn't want to use fleece because it seemed like the fuzzies would stick.

Our anti-circ midwife checked LO out the next day and was shocked that it'd been less than 24 hours, he was healing so well. I think he was fully healed in 5 days. (Trauma Oil had the same effect on his umbilical stump).

Just don't get Trauma Drops instead of oil ... those are alcohol based.
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