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Originally Posted by mibarra

Well, some people would disagree about the hearing vs. not, because they don't see being deaf as a disability or a problem that needs to be fixed, and consider being a part of the Deaf community the only viable option if you truly respect your child. As for religion, others would argue that they are educating their child on their faith, not brainwashing them. It could just as easily be argued that nonreligious parents are brainwashing their children to also be nonreligious.

I also think we have to be careful in assuming that everyone parenting "mainstream" is just going along with it. Plenty of people have done extensive research on vaccines and chose to vaccinate, for example. I think in some things too we have to consider the possibility that everyone is doing something because it works.
Honestly the whole hearing thing drives me nuts. I'm more then half deaf, it is so annoying not being able to hear like everyone else. It is something that can be a disability it is for me. It sets me apart from other like at work and I don't hear as well as others. It sucks just saying. My parents acted like I was no different and would get mad if I didn't hear them, even though I had a valid reason I didn't always hear them.
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