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Originally Posted by oldmomma
I feel like DH and I aren't even on the same wavelength when it comes to EC. My DS2 goes every time you put her on the potty but you have to actually put her on it every 30 minutes. We are working on the potty sign language. The other day I hear all this frustrated loud noise coming from the basement living room then the carpet cleaner going. Then a yell from DH, "I am putting her in a diaper. This is not working. The kid is peeing all over." Well, did you put her on the potty. So then I second guess myself about EC. She is so close, you know.
No reason to second guess yourself! My DH sounds similar to yours. I wish he would get with the program. Got pee on your shorts? Quit whining to me and go change them. Set her on a prefold or take her to the potty next time. But even when we did diapers he would just wait for me to change them. If it wasn't for this great online community, I would feel alone in my EC journey!
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