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Re: QUICK: lethargic and fever of 102.7 in a two-year-old, scary or normal?

Lethargic where they are awake and you can pick up the arm and the arm just flops down like a rag doll as if they have no control and gravity is the only thing that moves it is an emergency, take him to the ER immediately. Lethargic where he is sleeping most of the day is normal for a sick child. I personally would medicate because of how quickly the fever is climbing but I don't think it is really necessary to medicate unless he is suffering. If the fever reaches 105 and can't be brought down you should go to the emergency room. Keep an eye on hydration, do the skin press test and if he is in diapers keep an eye on the number of wet diapers and call if he goes without wetting at least one every 8 hours. Personally I would do both hydration tests combined because little bodies can dry out quickly and high fevers combined with dehydration can turn to an ER emergency.
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