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Re: What does your picky toddler eat?

Well, my 2 yr old straddles the line between picky and sensory issues. So, there are VERY FEW things she will eat.

She will eat most flavors of yogurt...but not with a spoon, only by dipping her fingers in it and sucking it off her fingers. And lately, she's been rejecting that too.

Waffles..any flavor, but nothing on it-she eats it more like a cookie than a waffle.

Pancakes, but only about 25% of the time.

Muffins, of ANY flavor or variety. I try to be sure to make several kinds for variety-banana, zucchini, carrot, etc She will NOT however eat cupcakes, too sweet I think.

Cookies, any kind or flavor, but nothing with frosting on it.

Chicken nuggets, but only Tyson or Mc Donalds. I CANNOT get her to put a single homemade nugget in her HAND let alone in her mouth.

Some versions of fries and or tater tots but not others.

She will eat a mashed up banana if I feed it to her, but she will NOT feed herself a banana at all, mashed or otherwise.

Sometimes if she feels like it, she might eat bread or toast, sometimes with peanut butter, but that's hit or miss.

Sh will not eat-
vegetables or fruit raw or cooked. If they are cooked into a muffin or bread she has no problem with the flavor, but she won't touch the actual fruit or vegetable. I keep trying, no luck.

Eggs, in any form. Fried, scrambled, etc, she won't touch them.

Pasta, in any form or shape. Sauce no sauce, fun shapes or not, white, whole wheat, veggie, filled, plain old spaghetti, none of it.

Any other form of meat-regular chicken, beef in any form, pork, ham, sausage, she won't touch any of it.

Cake, at all

And pretty much anything else not on that "will eat list."
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