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Originally Posted by newmommy13
no drug or alcohol exposure. you never really know i suppose unless you hear it from the doctors mouth, but this is from the SW so i trust it i guess. i don't know if she just said she didn't use or she or he tested clean but SW said mom has never been into drugs and alcohol and after getting to know her a little bit its easy for me to believe thats true. but you never do know.

He's been in and out of different homes with family and several different foster homes in a very short period of time before he came here. like 6 homes between when we got him overnight in june and when we got him again in mid august. i understand whats happening, its just hard. when my dh and i were talking the other day he brought up the point that if this does go to adoption and we don't adopt him it could be 2 years wasted that we could have spent fostering a kiddo we actually will adopt. i knew in the back of my mind that he might not be a great fit for us when we accepted the placement but i just couldn't say no. and if someone asked me today if i would take him knowing what i know i probably would still say yes because man i can't look at him and not want to protect him. i guess that means i am bonded a little bit. its just so hard. i'm bad at this.

hes such a bad sleeper too. ugh. we have a white noise machine in the room but still it seems like every turn of a doorknob or closing a cabinet door wakes him up. we have a small home that doesn't help. i think the whole situation would be easier if dd and dfs didn't share a room or if we had a second story. my dh works at night and has to try to sleep during the day when J is screeching right next to the bedroom. its so stressful right now. i'm hoping that his sleeping issues are because he is getting some teeth in because when we had newbie dfd he slept perfectly through the night so maybe this is a stage. or maybe now the "honeymoon period" is finally over? the worst part is that dd's teachers and therapists are all noticing that she is so tired during the day. she doesn't get up when he does but i'm sure it wakes her up. i was always very pro-bedroom sharing for siblings but this is just an entirely different situation. i'm just hoping and praying this is a difficult phase that will be over soon!!!

thanks for the support mamas it means the world to me!
Oh mama hang in there. I would hate to disrupt in your situation, but you have to look out for your family first. I have only had noobs, and some were terrible sleepers and some (our STBAS) are wonderful sleepers... Your dfs may have a combination of where am I, and just being a bad sleeper. Sorry mama, I hope it resolves soon!

Regardless, hang in there!!!!!
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