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Since the facebook link was giving a few problems, here's the pictures! Everything is priced INCLUDING shipping.

Everything is in excellent condition, and stain free. They've all been used about a year - but with both my husband and I working full time and the diapered wee one bouncing between babysitters - we made the decision to stop. The fitteds and covers were used for both of my sons, so a total of about 3 years. Still in fantastic condition! Shoot me a message if you've got any questions!

I'm going to the post office tomorrow afternoon if anyone wants to squeeze in the queue.

Smartipants - $11ppd each. (Only brown remains!)

(pirate and mustache are sold!!)

Air Force One Size All-in-two diaper(comes with snap in soaker): $18

Fuzzibunz small diaper - $10 in apple green.

tiny tush fitteds - $7 ppd each
dark blue thirsties size "medium"- $10ppd
light blue thirsties size "large" - $10ppd

Fuzzibunz Medium in Tootie Fruitie - $13

2 Kawaii bamboo newborn (fits to about 20lbs) - $8 each

$8 each - Kawaii diapers! Denim print in the corner is all that's left. Microfiber

thirsties duo size 1 in owls - $11
small bummis super brite - $10

I also have two snappis for $2 each, and 2 extra elastics for fuzzibunz one size if anyone wants those for free. ( just pay the shipping on the elastics)
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