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Originally Posted by RockinLou
What kind of Sandy's? If it is bamboo or organic, prepping might help? I have a large Sandy's for my 24 pound son, it is HUGE on him, but doesn't leak. However, it is a 1 hour diaper, where others are 3-4, I just don't find it very absorbent, and I don't like adding a doubler to it because that just gets bunched and DS tries to take the diaper off, and though I love the elastic, he can take off his Disana soaker and Sandy's fitted if he decides he isn't comfortable... talk about puddle on the floor!
Yes, it's bamboo. I was surprised that there is no medium, as well. I'm thinking it will be comfy for night since the elastic is so stretchy. She slept in it last night and soaked through in the morning. She rarely pees in the middle of the night. I have some hemp gdiaper inserts I can stuff in there. Hopefully it won't shift around too much while she sleeps.

My daughter pulls anything off that's not snapped, so I feel you on that one. It's usually right after she pees, though, and she leaves a wet (or worse) diaper on the floor for me to step in :/. I think she's super close to toilet training.
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