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Originally Posted by solarbabies

Thank you. I needed a level headed response. I am tired and emotionally drained from taking care of a sick baby all day .

I will keep an eye on the capillary refill (doc showed on his toe, said 2 secs or less is good) and offer fluids when he wakes up throughout the night.

In the meantime I think it is time to try to get some sleep too...he will be up often (like always, but expecting more) and if it IS a bug...chances are good that I will get it too as I always get the bugs that pass through this house. So...I need sleep. Thank you!

Oh...and the number. If they do I don't know of it! But I did get a 24 hr nurse hotline number from a local mom. I wrote it down and have it ready in case I feel we need it.
Glad I could help. Rest up, mama! I hope your little one starts feeling better soon. <3
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